Whats the Definition of Dormant

Volcanoes are described as dormant if they remain cold for a long time without spewing lava and hot ash. They may have the ability to come to life, but they remain inactive or inactive. Dormant comes from the French dormir, “sleep”, and refers to living beings that are at a pause, rather than things that are dead. Being inactive means being temporarily at rest, although sometimes, as with some cancer cells, things rest permanently – and fortunately. This old dog has been dormant for so long that it has been mistaken for a fur doormat, but a doormat is likely to remain inactive or inactive because it is lifeless: this old dog still has some life in it. Some of the volcanoes in the latter region have only recently disappeared; Some may simply be inactive. We reported on the efforts of Dr. Susan Harkema, who is working to “wake up” sleeping neurons in the spinal cord. In addition to its dormant trajectory of one and a half million years, the fault line is barely visible from above. The dormant accounts that most banks maintain with the Reserve Bank may be an indication of their position towards it. The demo stations for “Death Stranding” and “Super Mario Maker 2” were dusty and relaxing. Is there an innate but dormant ability in older adults to reverse their complaints if only the right signals are given? Balbiani`s body is thought to protect mitochondria during the resting phase of the egg by grouping a large portion of the mitochondria with long amyloid protein fibers. Latent, at rest, dormant, potentially means that it no longer shows any signs of activity or existence.

Latent refers to a power or quality that has not yet emerged, but can arise and develop. A dormant desire for success indicates the inactivity of something (such as a feeling or strength) as if it were sleeping. Their passion was dormant and indicates an almost temporary cessation of activity. The resting potential of illness applies to what does not yet exist or has an effect, but is likely to have soon. A potential disaster In one row were five large incubators mounted on glass; Behind the glass doors are five huge eggs in a sleeping majesty. Others use them as refuges when creatures need to rest during the hot, dry summer. However, many of these meagre 51 genes contained in the tiger rattlesnake genome appeared to be dormant. Meanwhile, there was a Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi, but it was largely inactive. Hike along the southwest edge of a dormant volcano in Death Valley`s Ubehebe crater, winding along Artist`s Drive, a nine-mile road that winds through colorful hills of volcanic sediment. This is a great improvement over the secretive and dormant methods of obtaining the capital needed for the partnership. And would a certain success achieved on these lines awaken the dormant greatness in him? In some patients, symptoms may rest between seven days and eight weeks. Middle English, firm, stationary, from Anglo-French, from the present participle of dormir dormir, from Latin dormire; similar to how Sanskrit drÄti sleeps boost your test results with programs developed by Vocabulary.com experts.