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At Kelly Workplace Lawyers, we are passionate about two things: employment law and our clients. We`ll tailor our advice to give you the result you want and communicate with you every step of the way to safely navigate workplace issues. We are committed to providing informed, timely and accessible legal advice at an affordable price. That`s what we promise. If you complain in one place, sometimes you can`t change your mind later and complain somewhere else. It is best to call us or speak to one of the services listed on this page for legal advice before filing a complaint. The DEAexterne Legal Centre provides free legal advice and support to people with disabilities in employment, education and training. Find out where you can get legal advice in your state or territory. Find out if you are entitled to free legal aid. As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of hard work.

You invest your time and energy to make your business a success: making a profit, ensuring longevity, building a reputation. Your employees are essential to your business. However, wading through the complexities of labor law takes time and is often confusing. Workplace policies and employment contracts and agreements are essential to ensuring sound employment practices in your business, but putting everything in order can be a headache. Are you concerned that an employment contract is not legally binding or exposes you to exploitation? As part of our services, we can review contracts and make sure they are actually up to date. Our services ensure that this is the case. But we are also there when something goes wrong. However, our knowledge and skills as lawyers allow us to deal with unexpected problems.

Our experience has led us to deal with all sorts of unpredictable problems from the beginning. But our customers quickly learn that there is nothing to worry about with all this. In fact, the surprises that can happen are one of the reasons we love what we do as employment lawyers. It allows us to continually review our practices and understanding of employment law in order to provide the best possible legal advice to all our clients. Our practice is built on solid foundations and we strive to build strong relationships with each client throughout the legal process together. Our workplace council organizes free legal aid for qualified employees and employers. When you call us, you can talk to a lawyer you are familiar with this type of legal advice. Your lawyer will fully understand the law in the workplace and will then tell you where there may be problems with employment law. Even if you are not sure if we can help you, we recommend that you contact us and then advise you on the likely outcome of your case or problem. In addition, we recommend that you do not worry about the costs associated with legal advice.

This is something that our team will openly discuss with you, how we work, and then nothing but surprise will arise in the future. Cecile A. Baker PA is an employment lawyer who assists staff in and around Melbourne with all legal matters. M. Baker and his team of associate lawyers handle a wide range of civil cases involving landlord-tenant disputes, employment contracts, defamation, labor and employment matters, and business partnerships. The firm prepares the right documents for wills, trusts and even child adoptions. David Baker`s other areas of practice include personal injury, family law, bankruptcy and foreclosure. The Legal Service for Discrimination against Persons with Disabilitiesexternal link provides free legal advice and support to anyone wishing to file a complaint of discrimination on the basis of their disability. Our team of lawyers covers all aspects of employment law and ensures that you are fairly employed and that you do not suffer from any form of unfair contract. We offer you significant advice in commercial labour law with a comprehensive understanding of your business. Not only is our firm professional in our approach, but the lawyer you are dealing with listens to everything you say and then offers the right legal advice based on your individual situation.

At Aitken Partners, we have a deep understanding of employment law and help clients in a variety of industries find fast, mutually beneficial and respectful solutions to disputes, settlements or other legal issues. People are protected against discrimination by various laws. We provide legal advice if you feel discriminated against in the workplace. Your local legal centerexternal link can give you legal information and advice. Most services are free of charge. Our employment lawyers in Melbourne and Victoria can assist your business with individualised, timely and affordable employment law advice. Our duty counsel are available at select locations at the Civil and Administrative Appeal Tribunal of Victoria. Public duty counsel can help you at an investigative hearing and give you advice on how to present your case. If you require the help of a mandatory lawyer, please call our Legal Aid phone number at 1300-792-387 before your hearing.

Unfortunately, unfair dismissals are still common in many workplaces today. Our lawyers can help you if you discover that your employment relationship has been terminated without just cause. The Board cannot give you legal advice or recommend a lawyer. We don`t have lawyers or paid agents you can hire. Great employment law advice is the answer, and we can help. We are labour, industrial relations and health and safety lawyers. Harassment should not happen to anyone. Whether it`s physical, sexual, bullying or otherwise, we are here to provide professional legal advice to all clients.

The Fair Work Ombudsmanexternal link investigates complaints or alleged violations of labour laws, arbitration awards and registered agreements, as well as certain orders issued by the Fair Work Commission. Sometimes the Labor Fairness Ombudsman may take legal action to enforce workplace laws. Our workplace lawyers have experience working with companies in a variety of industries, including: Lacey Lyons Rezanka is a Melbourne-based law firm that represents employers and employees. It strives to use modern technologies and techniques to provide quality legal services. The team of employment lawyers coordinates with companies to develop policies that prevent discrimination and other potential conflicts. They also provide legal advice to employees facing overtime leave, hiring practices and procedures, and wrongful dismissals. In addition to employment law, this law firm is also active in fiduciary management and commercial litigation. We recognize the complexity of employment law for people with little or no employment experience, which is why we take the time to ensure our clients know exactly where they stand and what options are available to them.

As part of our employment law advice, we can draft employment contracts for your industry with the appropriate termination clauses. The Fair Work Ombudsman website offers a range of resources to help employees and contractorsexternal link.